Stowmarket mom makes life dream come true with book release


7:00 p.m. January 8, 2022

A mother of three working as a waitress fulfilled her childhood dream of publishing a book – and the story of a fantasy and magical world is now being enjoyed by elementary school students.

Lisa Carter was only six when she decided she wanted to be an author.

Now the mother of three from Haughley, near Stowmarket, has published a book that is not only used in classes in Suffolk, but is also on sale in the mainstream Waterstones bookstore.

Lisa writes for children up to 10 years old but extends her writing to 14 years old
– Credit: Keith Mindham Photography

Lisa said: “I’ve always wanted to be an author since I was six years old. My grandfather made up great stories in his head all the time.

“After my grandfather passed away, we found ghost stories that he had written and when my grandmother passed away in August, we found several poems that she had written.

“It seems like rhyming and story writing has always been part of the family, but we just didn’t know it!

“After my grandmother died in August we were really so close, I realized how short life is and if you want to do anything you should do it.”

Lisa Carter: by Keith Mindham Photography

Lisa Carter’s first book, Boglaboo Heights, sells out at Waterstones

– Credit: Keith Mindham Photography

The 35-year-old mother was educated at Bacton Middle School and Stowupland High School near Stowmarket. A part-time waitress, she has now branched out to write about the different characters who live inside an oak tree.

The book, which was just published and touted as magical children’s fiction, captured the imaginations of elementary school children in Haughley. The book is read to children as part of the forest lesson format in schools where they teach outdoors.

Lisa’s uncle Tony King of Haughley drew the illustrations for the book.

He said: “I am so delighted for Lisa, it has been an absolute pleasure to see her book on sale and I am so proud of her. I know Lisa was offered an illustrator by her publishers, and I’m so delighted that she asked me to participate in her book, it was a pleasure to participate in the illustrations for her.

Lisa Carter: by Keith Mindham Photography

Lisa Carter wants to be an author since she was six
– Credit: Keith Mindham Photography

The book called Boglaboo Heights is aimed at children up to age 10, and Lisa plans to expand her writing to children up to age 14 as well.

She said: “I always wanted to do this, it means everything to me. It is wonderful to see my books in stores. The book attracts kids with my rhyming style – every book I write rhymes.

“Boglaboo Heights is just the start of what I hope will be a great series. I’ve written two other seasonal stories already and have a lot more ideas. I am also in the process of submitting my next series of books which is aimed at older children and which is also open to other publishers.

“I put a pen on some paper and it comes out. I love writing stories for my own kids, and it’s a dream come true to be published, ”Lisa said.

Lisa’s children range from 16 months to 10 years old and they love her stories too. But it was difficult for Lisa to reach this stage.

She had surgery for scoliosis, a disease that twists the spine, and her second daughter Evanee suffered heart disease as a baby.

Boglaboo Heights is available from Olympia Publishers ( and Waterstones, priced at £ 5.99.


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