NEO ComicCon returns August 1 at the North Olmsted Soccer Sportsplex


NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio – Like a roaring Godzilla emerging from the depths, NEO ComicCon returns this summer.

“One of the things we kind of learned from COVID was how much these kinds of things matter to people,” said Eric Anderson, promoter of NEO ComicCon, owner of Comics Are Go from Sheffield Village. “They’re looking for a chance to come out and see what they can find.”

The annual Comic Book Love Festival – which features comics, collectible toys, cosplay, original artwork, and handmade collectibles – takes place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. August 1 at the North Olmsted Soccer Sportsplex.

Due to the pandemic, admission for adults has been lowered to $ 5 and children 10 and under enter for free. In addition, first responders and frontline workers can participate in the event for free.

While Anderson called the decision to cancel the event last year a difficult one, he’s optimistic that NEO ComicCon will not lose any of its previous momentum that drew crowds of 2,000 to 3,000 people each year.

“There is a sense of community,” Anderson said. “You’re sort of with your people at something like that. There are plenty of great deals. You will see a lot of things.

“If you love comics, we’ll have one of the best window shopping. For collectors, you’ll see these big, huge issues that you wouldn’t see anywhere else. “

Previously hosted in Strongsville, NEO ComicCon has found its place on the North Olmsted site with this year’s event featuring over 100 spaced vendors and artists.

Regarding the latter, Anderson said the focus is on local talent.

“Normally we bring in people from more established comic book artists from all over the country,” Anderson said. “For this year’s event we started to set it up, we were still under some pretty serious restrictions so we didn’t know what the trip would be like.”

Due to the pandemic canceling out the events of 2020, the other consideration was to help local vendors, which Anderson says provide the lifeblood of NEO ComicCon.

Plus, unlike other comics where celebrities are often flown in for guest appearances, this event is more suited to discerning comic fans.

“Our main goal is to be the best and greatest show of a day, a Godzilla-sized version of your local comic book,” Anderson said. “We want everything to be comic book-centric and comic book creators.

“The goal is for at least half of our salespeople to sell comics. We want people to have a variety of choices when they enter. So there are $ 1 comics, $ 1,000 comics and everything.

In case you were wondering, Anderson pointed out that the Godzilla he refers to is more old school than any contemporary portrayal of the monster.

“I grew up watching Superhost, so I love the classic Godzilla,” Anderson said. “That’s what I’m looking for. When I was a kid, I was most fascinated by the idea that there was a place called Monster Island. For me, it’s the Godzilla that touches me the most.

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