‘Locke & Key’ season 2 featured in Netflix and Chills 2021 lineup


For lovers and thrills and thrills, this is the most beautiful time of the year. The scary season is almost upon us. This means that our cinemas and TV screens are about to be filled with horror movies and TV shows. Netflix has seen success in recent years with its Halloween line aptly titled Netflix and Chills. This year’s lineup appears to include Lock & Key Season 2.

Here’s what we know about the series based on the graphic novels of the same name and its comeback.

Kinsey, Tyler and Bode Locke | Netflix

When will “Locke & Key” return to Netflix?

Lock & Key Season 1 turned out to be a big hit with horror fans, but it’s no surprise. Graphic novels are written by Gabriel Rodriguez and Joe Hill. Hill is the son of the master of horror himself, Stephen King. He seems to have the same penchant for terrifying stories as his father.

During Netflix Geeked Week in June 2021, they announced that Lock & Key Season 2 will premiere in October 2021. No specific date has been given, but TV Insider has released a list of all the TV shows and movies included in this year’s Netflix and Chill lineup, and Lock & Key is one of the titles.

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What is “Locke & Key”?

For those who missed the first season, Lock & Key follows the life of the Locke family. After the murder of the father, Rendell Locke, the three siblings (Tyler, Kinsey and Bode) move in with their mother, Nina, into Rendell’s family home called Keyhouse. Once there, Bode and his brother and sister discover various keys with magical qualities throughout the house.

However, the keys are fun and exciting for kids at first. They soon realize that a demonic entity is also after the keys. A horror series peppered with a lot of mystery, the finale ended with Dodge, the demon, making his way into town under the guise of one of the Locke family’s new friends.

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Season 2 pick up where season 1 left off

The end of Lock & Key Season 1 left the door wide open for the second season to resume immediately. The Locke family now have to face the fact that they accidentally banished their family friend Ellie through the Omega gate and not Dash like they tried to do. Ellie’s son, Rufus, went to live with his aunt and uncle. We’re sure the writers will find a way to fit it into an episode or two.

Kinsey is dating Gabe, who is actually demon possessed. Their other friend Eden is now evil after being hit by one of the demonic bullets while the Omega gate was open.

Hill previously said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that graphic novels “have to function like a television show”. He understands the need to change certain elements. With so much content to work on, fans will be ecstatic to know that there will be more than just the two seasons. Deadline reported in December 2020 that Lock & Key Season 3 has already been renewed.


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