Inkwood Books to host a book launch party on Wednesday evening



HADDONFIELD – Two months after Cherry Hill-based author Pam Jenoff’s virtual book launch, The Woman with the Blue Star, Haddonfield’s Inkwood Books will host Jenoff for a Better-Late-Than-Never Book Launch Party on Wednesday evening . .

Starting at 7 p.m., Jenoff will greet attendees, sign copies of his book, and pose for photos. The book costs $ 17.99 and can be purchased in advance at Inkwood Books ” website.

“We were grateful for the virtual option in May, but there is nothing better than meeting your favorite author (in) person, having them sign a book for you, and snapping a photo or two for your memories. “, Inkwood Books mentionned on their Facebook page. “Put on some wine and some snacks and we party!” “

The woman with the blue star talks about Sadie Gault, an 18-year-old who lived with her parents in the Krakow ghetto during World War II, according to the Inkwood Books website. When the Nazis liquidate the ghetto, Sadie and her pregnant mother take refuge in tunnels under the city.

One day, Sadie looks up through a gate and sees Ella Stepanek, a wealthy Polish girl living with her stepmother, who has close alliances with the German occupiers, according to the website. The two girls become close and Stepanek begins to help Gault, but danger ensues as the war progresses.

“Inspired by incredible true stories, The Woman with the Blue Star is an unforgettable testament to the power of friendship and the extraordinary strength of the human will to survive,” the website says.

Jenoff wrote several historical fiction books, including New York Times bestseller The Orphan’s Tale, according to its website. His novels are inspired by his time working for the Pentagon and as a diplomat for the State Department who dealt with Holocaust issues in Poland.



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