Hellboy wields Thor’s Mjolnir hammer in new the Bones of Giants comic


Hellboy: The Bones of Giants is a new comedic miniseries coming in November, adapting the classic prose novel by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden.

This November, Hellboy will wield Mjolnir, the hammer of the Norse god Thor, in Hellboy: Bones of the Giants. This four-issue miniseries is an adaptation of the prose novel of the same name written by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and acclaimed horror novelist Christopher Golden. The novel celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year, and Mignola and Golden are teaming up with artist Matt Smith, colorist Chris O’Halloran and letterer Clem Robins to bring readers a graphic novel adaptation.

Hellboy is one of the most successful creator-owned titles in comic book history to become a multimedia franchise. Hellboy was adapted for both animation and at three different times live – the first was two critically acclaimed Guillermo del Toro films starring Ron Perlman, followed by a recent reboot with David Harbor. In addition, many of the Hellboy secondary characters in the universe also received spinoff titles, creating the larger “Mignolaverse” as fans call it. The character has been adapted into prose novels and many short fiction films, including the original Hellboy: Bones of the Giants.

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In a recent press release, Dark Horse reveals information about the Hellboy: Bones of the Giants comic adaptation. After a huge skeleton is revealed holding an iron hammer, Hellboy is summoned, discovering that only he can lift the ancient weapon. With Thor’s hammer Mjlonir now bound in his hand, Hellboy sets out on a journey through the Nine Realms to stop a threat to existence itself. He meets legendary heroes and gruesome monsters, all drawn from Norse mythology rather than the folk tales that characterize many of his most famous adventures.

Hellboy Bones of Giants Blanket

The connection to Norse mythology particularly appealed to artist Matt Smith, whose previous work includes Barbarian lord. Smith reveals that he didn’t expect to work with Mignola on a Hellboy project, and so was likely impressed by Mignola’s statement that, “The Barbarian Lord by Matt Smith is one of my favorite contemporary comics.” The element of Norse mythology also appealed to Golden, who remembers how Mignola, “had this image in his head of lightning descending from the sky to strike Mjollnir, where he was in the grip of Thor’s corpse.” Golden is a longtime fan of Norse mythology, and says the idea of ​​combining Hellboy with his love of Norse myths and legends was “like Christmas.”

Hellboy continues to remain popular, still finding new fans almost thirty years after his first appearance. Very few comic book characters outside of Marvel and DC have enjoyed this type of longevity. Hellboy’s own lore overlaps with that of Norse myths, and when Mignola and Golden looked at it in Hellboy: The bones of the giants, they created a classic. Fortunately, the story is likely to find a whole new audience in Dark Horse’s graphic novel, while also giving existing fans a new way to experience this fantastic story. Hellboy will return in November to embark on a quest straight out of Norse mythology in Hellboy: The bones of the giants, with the first issue available in print and digital version on November 3.

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