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What there is to know

  • The famous Helen Woodward Animal Center event will be featured on an online Comic-Con panel on July 25, 2021
  • PAWmicon Weekend runs July 23-25 ​​in Rancho Santa Fe, with the main event woofing on the morning of July 24
  • $ 10 to enter your pet in the cosplay contest

Superheroic Pets?

There are millions of them among us.

In fact, there’s probably one sleeping next to you, on the couch, or at the foot of the bed, right now.

And best of all? These brave beasts don’t need a cloak, mysterious anonymity, or a catchy nickname to tap into their incredible heroic powers – they just have to do what they do, offer love, hugs , loyalty and companionship, each day.

The Helen Woodward Animal Center honors the sweet, snarling and meowy superheroes of our worlds, across the calendar, through a host of animal welfare programs and the world’s best, from adoption-centric efforts to movie nights. to the fun events for pets.

And one of the centre’s most well-known events is the Hairy Swift Approach.

No, PAWmicon Weekend won’t need to jump tall buildings to reach the base of the Rancho Santa Fe center, but all humans who want to enter their darling pies into the cosplay contest should start planning their outfits as soon as possible.

Because the popular contest is set to spotlight cheerful hero-inspired dogs and felines on July 24, the second day of the celebration weekend.

The cost to enter?

It’s $ 10, which helps the Helen Woodward Animal Center help the animals.

Other events during the weekend ready to purr? Adoptable gifts, photo opportunities, and pets with adorable names inspired by popular culture.


But here’s something new for the event, which turns eight in 2021: PAWmicon has been invited to play a central role in a Comic-Con International panel, a big first for the center.

The virtual presentation will take place on Sunday, July 25, one day after the centre’s cosplay contest, at 11 a.m.

The name of the panel?

It’s worth a hoarse howl: “Animals in novels and graphic games” is the theme, so expect an insider’s look “… on the unique and special qualities that animals bring to the world of super- hero”.

For all things PAWmicon, including the pictures that make us all heroes-happy, visit the Helen Woodward Animal Center now.


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